Floob Records is not a typical record label…

Why is Floob Records different?

  • Artists keep 100% ownership of their songs
  • No contracts to sign
  • We accept any style of music and any quality of recording
  • We believe in creating music for music’s sake and it should be fun
  • We believe in transparency
  • We have an awesome logo to keep ourselves from taking ourselves to seriously
  • Artists into blockchain get beneficiary rewards in Hive
  • Artists keep 90% of streaming royalties through Distrokid

What do Artists get by sharing 10% of their streaming royalties?

  • Artists get a landing page on Floob.net with all your links and what you want to share. example: floob.net/artistname
  • Artists get promoted on Facebook and Peakd/Hive. One song a month gets Facebook advertised to grow the fanbase
  • Artists can have merch in our etsy shop and keep 90% of the profits
  • By sharing a website/platform we help raise each others boats. If someone visits to listen to Junkfeathers, maybe they’ll also check out Recommended Portions. The more we share floob.net, the more we all have a chance of being seen.

The Long Story

The history of Floob Records coming soon…

For a brief rundown of the site check out floob.net/junkfeathers


The website, social posting, and ad spend is currently ran by Jonathan, aka Junkfeathers.

If you have any inquiries reach out to

junkfeathers @ protonmail.net